Friday, June 28, 2013

How To Compute for Average Price

"How do you compute for Average Price?" 

This was asked by one of my readers, and let me tell you, I really, totally HATE figures (Math)!   Like I always say, the only figure I love is my own (36-24-26!   That was BEFORE I went to Yakimix, and the numbers got mixed up.  Now it's 63-42-62). lol.  But, hey! I still love my figure!  

But this particular question bothered me so much and I wanted to prove to myself that I can do this ... I can do Math!   Just for once in my life, I would prove to the world I know more than 1+1!  :)

So, here's my take: 

Market Price is the current stock price. That's how much the stock is selling for in the market today. 

Average Price is the amount you bought the stocks for (taking into consideration the different prices, # of shares and fees per transaction).

To illustrate:

Ex. In January, you bought 100 shares of XYZ at 10/share, and the transaction fee was 20. In February, you added 50 more shares of XYZ at 11/share and the transaction fee was 20. In March, you added 200 shares of XYZ at 12/share and the fee was 20. 

Step 1: Find the Price per share 
Formula: Price + (fee or charges / # of shares) = price per share 

January: 10 + (20/100) = 10.20/share 
February: 11 + (20/50) = 11.40/share 
March: 12 = (20/200) = 12.10/share 

Step 2: Find the Average Price per share 
Formula: Total # of shares / total sum of the prices per share 

350 shares / 33.7 = 10.39 Average price per share 

Whew! That wasn't so bad. I just don't know if I got it right. Calling all the Einsteins of the Stock Market out there: Correct me now before all my readers quote me on this. haha.

Thanks & God bless,

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