Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Place Off-Hours Orders

Last week, Bro. Bo issued a ‘Buy Alert’ for a new stock. In his email, he warned (and I quote), “It’s moving up as you read this. Don’t chase it beyond P7.80! ”

Without a minute to lose, I immediately logged in to my COL account to buy that new stock. And since I read that email in the evening (when the market was closed), I had to do an Off-hours order. I didn’t wanna wait till morning lest the price goes up even higher.

Now, let me show you how to do this. (For those visiting my blog for the first time and have no idea in buying stocks, I encourage you to first read my post "How to Buy Stocks").  And again, look at the image first, then read the description that follows:

Hover your mouse to ‘Trade’ and click ‘OH Order’

Fill in the boxes for Stock Code, # of Shares and Price. 

My apologies for blotting out the Stock Code. The buy alert for that new stock is exclusive to TRC members. 

Note here that instead of writing down the 1st Ask Price which is 6.59, I used the 2nd Ask Price which is 6.60. Why? Because orders are processed on a 1st come, 1st served basis. And if there were already orders that have been placed before mine, chances are that my order would not be executed. 

Read the conditions, then type your password to confirm your Order. 

That's it.  Make sure that as soon as the market opens the next day, you check if the order got executed or not.

Thanks and God bless,

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  1. Thanks, Randy! Appreciate it!

  2. Hello, what is ATO and ATC means? Thanks a lot :)

    1. ATO (At the open) is an order to buy or sell a stock at the opening price and ATC (At the close) is an order to buy or sell a stock at the closing price.

  3. Hi joey, my question here is.. do we really need to maintain balance for stock alert off line? Or we can still buy shares then pay on the next banking day before market is open?

    Appreciate your answer.. I am also waiting for the confirmation of trc membership.. thanks

  4. Hi Flor,

    If you don't have any funds on your account, you won't be able to buy.

  5. Hi What if it gets orders and posted but not executed? Does it have to be executed right away or I need to wait as the day end if my order was executed?

    1. Depends on which order type you used. If it's a Day Order, your order needs to be executed at the end of the market day, otherwise it will be cancelled. If it's ATC, your order will be executed at the close price, whatever price that may be. If it's a GTC, your order will be executed if someone takes you up on your Bid price or until you cancel the order (max 7 days).

      If you want your order to be executed asap, use the prices on the ASK column (if you're buying) and BID column (if you're selling)

  6. Hi! do you recommend I sign-up for a mobile broadband connection when doing stocks so I can place emergency orders even when I'm on the field in case of scenarios like this?

  7. Bakit walang live chat, saan ba makikita live charting ng pse?

  8. hello po,
    I just funded my account po and trying to buy a stock using O-H order, pero po nagkakaroon ng error message na insufficient daw po ung cash balance ko. Sa portfolio ko naman meron po syang laman. Ano po kaya ang problema nun?

  9. Hello tanong ko lang po kung ano ang dapat kong piliin as a beginner? Day, gtc, o atc po ba? Member din ako ng TRC. Thank you!