Thursday, February 28, 2013

Exclusive for Truly Rich Club Members

It's almost 3am and I am trying my very best to come up with a nice post regarding this newest feature of Truly Rich Club.  But I feel really exhausted and sleepy so I can't think properly.  

However, I wouldn't want to postpone blogging about this either coz it's just too exciting for me to keep. So, my dear readers, allow me to just show you images of Truly Rich Club's very own Social Site!  It's very much like Facebook ... but way better!  Why?  Because it's:

 It's only for us, the Truly Rich!  (wink!)

2.  POSITIVE!  Meaning, we only interact with like-minded people.  No negative, depressing, annoying shoutouts.  Only positive, uplifting, refreshing and helpful comments, ideas and tips.

3. It's INTERACTIVE!  (Well, FB is also interactive ... see, I'm having difficulty finding the right words as my eyes get droopy by the second .... need to sleep now).  

I mean, we have the "ASK ____" section, which FB doesn't have.  For questions on Career, we will be guided by Jon Escoto.  For questions on COL Financial, we have Mike Vinas.  For guidance in opening a COL account, there's the ever lovely Joey to make you crazy... oh wait, that's me!  (Hey, in fairness, I think I was able to answer all the questions asked of me satisfactorily).  To TRC members, here's what I can guarantee you:  No question would be too simple or silly.  I will answer to the best of my ability and  I promise to answer EVERYTHING'!

          Question:  How do I open a COL account?
          Joey:  Everything

          Question:  How much is the initial deposit required?
          Joey:  Everything

           Question:  How do we buy stocks?
           Joey:  Everything

LOL.  (I'm good at keeping my promises!)

Seriously, I'm hoping to see more Experts in their own field added to this awesome section.  Like Oprah, Warren Buffet and George Lucas  :)

This is how our Homepage looks like.  

... and our Wall, which we can design according to our preferences.

Ok, TRC members from all over the world, let's meet in this awesome, happiest social site that Bro. Bo created for us (thanks to our very own Mr. Genius Guy, Paolo Abadesco).  Applause, applause!

To access, just log in through either of the 2:

For those who want to join us and be Truly Rich, just click the TRC logo on the right side of this blog.  See you there!

Thanks & God bless,

P.S. The TrulyRichClub is a membership Club that Bro. Bo Sanchez had created to help people achieve Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance. It is a private group of individuals who have decided to do something about changing their beliefs and thinking—to gain the abundance mentality they need to change their lives forever. Bro. Bo provides them with the right tools, principles, and strategies to grow in their financial and spiritual life.  To join this elite Club, click here.


  1. Wow! it seems that I came just perfectly on time, thought that the TRC Social site has been existing before. this is very awesome..its good to be surrounded with good and positive people. Kudos to Mr Paulo Abadesco. God bless.

    1. Making sure that Paolo gets this awesome feedback. Yes, he really is a Genius! Thanks.

    2. Good Morning! Mam Joey. I have an important question. In becoming a TRC member do you pay every month or is it just a one time membership (like you pay P10,000) then you get the Stocks Update every month? (this is a hassle for me since i am working in a rural place where Metrobank, BPI and BDO is still towns away)

  2. I can't seem to login to the social network site. tried resetting my password twice but no luck. I'm eager to ask some questions because I am a newbie

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