Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Properly Fill Out COL Forms

This task may seem simple, but there have been lots of repeated questions on this, so I'm finally blogging about it.

Let's start with an Individual Account.  Tick off the 1st box (Individual).  Most important thing to remember if it's an individual application is that you need NOT fill out the 'Secondary Account Holder' portion.

Look at the images first and then read the descriptions that follow.

The first part is the 'Personal Information'.  This is pretty basic.  It just asks for your personal details like name, address, contact numbers, etc.  Make sure you put your correct Email address. COL Financial is an online brokerage, and hence, most of its correspondence will be via email.  (Always check your Spam folder as well for COL's initial email and add this email address to your Contacts).

The 2nd part is 'Additional Information' and it asks about your employment details.  If you are unemployed, just tick off that box and write N/A (Not Applicable) on the other boxes.  Otherwise, answer all questions.

The 3rd part is 'Disclosures'.  Again, pretty simple.  Just answer either yes or no. If any part here doesn't apply to you, just write N/A.

The 4th part is 'Financial and Investment Profile'.  Just for compliance sake, let's tick off  our choices here.  

For the 'Investment Objectives', all you need is to number them according to your priority.  

a.  'Capital Preservation', for lack of better explanation, is if you want to preserve your capital.  You are very conservative in your approach to investing in that you want a guaranteed rate of return or at least just a return of what you originally invested.  
b.  'Long-term Investment' is if you are ok to invest funds you won't be needing for at least 5 years or more.  
c.  'Growth' is if you want your investments to grow at a rate faster than what regular banks give.   
d.  'Speculation' is if you have a very aggressive approach to investing.  You are willing to take on higher risks just to have a higher rate of investment return.

For Bank info, it is really up to you to fill this part out, but it is NOT mandatory that you have a bank account before you can open a COL account.  If you don't have one (or you just don't want to divulge the info), you may just write N/A.

On the signature part, just sign on the first line (Primary Account Holder).

Last is the signature part on page 4 of Online Securities Trading Agreement.  Please write your address on #25.2.  Write the date when you signed the document.  Write your name and sign on the first signature line (Primary).  

We also have 2 signature cards to sign, same as what banks usually require us when we open an account with them.

For Joint Accounts, it is basically the same procedure, except that you need to write down the details of the other party on the 'Secondary Account Holder' portion.  Secondary Account Holders may be your spouse, parent, sibling, adult child, a friend, any relative or anyone for that matter.

For Minors (below 18 yrs), parents may open an ITF Account for them.  This is how to fill out the app.  

Instead of ticking off 'Individual', tick off 'Others' and write ITF.  On the 'Secondary Account Holder' portion, write the details of the child.

On the signature portion, the adult signs as the Primary Account Holder on the first line, and writes the name of the child on the second line.  Be sure to put on the date when you accomplished the forms.

Same thing here and on the signature cards.  The adult writes his name and signs on the first line, and writes the name of the child on the second line.  

In addition, the Primary Account Holder must print and sign the Supplementary Form for ITF Accounts, and attach it to the app before submitting.

There you have it.  Now, that you've filled out the forms, just attach a copy of your ID (please sign on the copy 3x) and a billing statement (credit card, electric, water, mobile, phone, bank statement, etc.).  Once everything is ready, either you submit personally to COL or have it picked up (within Metro Manila only).  Call COL's hotline at 651-5888.  

For TrulyRichClub members, we do have a point person in COL to whom you can scan/email the documents first before mailing just to make sure everything is ok to avoid delays.  Please pm me in our exclusive TRC social site and I will give you the name and email.

Thanks and God bless!

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  1. I'm a student, what do I select for "Source(s) of Income"?

    1. you may choose OTHERS> write savings or Parent's :)

  2. Greetings!

    This is Mabel Roque, Customer Relations Officer from COL Financial Group, Inc. I’ll be the one to assist you regarding your Account Opening with us.

    For the Account Opening, Below are the List of Requirements:

    All account openings should have the following:

    Customer Account Information Form (CAIF)
    Online Securities Trading Agreement (OSTA)
    Two (2) Signature Cards
    Minimum deposit of COL PLUS – Php 25,000 / COL Starter – Php 5,000 / COL Premium – Php 1,000,000

    *Note: Forms should be duly signed and properly filled out. No scanned or photocopy will be accepted. Erasures should have counter signatures or an amendment letter.

    I. Filipino – included OFWs & Self-Employed

    Non Face to Face

    Clear Photocopy of (1) valid Government issued ID by the Philippine Government
    o Note: Photo & Signature is important

    o Note: Check that the birthday should be the same on the form
    o Note: All signature in all forms must be consistent with the ID submitted
    o Note: Kindly sign twice the copy of ID.

    * Gov't issued ID's: VALID (Clear photocopy, back to back and sign the copy twice)
    1. Passport
    2. Unified ID
    3. Driver's License
    4. TIN ID (with picture)
    5. SSS ID
    6. Voter's ID
    7. Senior Citizens ID
    8. Philhealth ID (with picture)
    9. Postal ID
    10. GSIS ID (with picture and address)

    * Secondary ID's: VALID (Clear photocopy, back to back and sign the copy twice), Provided with a clear copy of Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate
    1. Company ID
    2. School ID
    3. NBI / Police Clearance

    Billing Statement
    o Note: Lessee should still have a letter from the Lessor
    o Note: If no bills under your Name, you may submit a copy of current bill under Parent’s or Sibling’s Name
    o Note: Address must be consistent in all forms with the Proof of Billing submitted

    * POOF OF BILLING: current photocopy
    1. Phone Bill
    2. Electric bill
    3. Water bill
    4. Cable bill
    5. Internet bill
    6. Insurance Policy
    7. Bank statement
    8. Credit card bill
    9. Passbook with address
    10. Club membership statement of account
    11 . Club Association Statement of account

    ** FOR ITF Account opening, you may just prepare a clear photocopy of the Minor's Birth Certificate

    *** TIN number is required for the Primary account holders. Any Individual ages 18 years old and above, who will invest will be required to get a TIN number, In case you do not have an existing TIN, you may refer to the BIR’s website ( on how to procure one. Self-employed individuals, mixed income earners, and employees may also procure their TIN through the BIR’s eRegistration System (

    You may scan and email to me first all your duly filled-out forms and complete requirements so that I could check it before you send it out to me via courier.


    Customer Relations Officer
    2403-B East Tower, PSE Centre
    Exchange Road, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City 1605 Philippines
    Mobile No.: +63928-9373000
    Fax No.: +632 636 3512

    1. hi ms. mabel. with regards to the proof of billing, what type of letter should the lessee requests from his lessor? thanks in advance.

    2. follow up question ms. mabel. my common-law-partner has credit card and internet billings under his name. We live under the same house with our child. The billings do not have my name. Will it be acceptable?

    3. Hi Ms. Liv,

      For the authorization from the landlord for proof of billing, you just need to write that your landlord authorizes you to use the copy of billing statement for your account opening with us, you may state there your complete Name and complete address. Landlord needs to sign it.

      For the proof of billing under the Name of your Partner, yes that is acceptable too.

      Thank you and God Bless :)

    4. Hi Ms. Mabel,

      For sending the application form(w/ signature) and other necessary documents, do we need to send it via post? or sending via email (scan copy) is ok?

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  5. Hello! Is it ok if I don't fill out the Bank info portion? How will I withdraw then my funds assuming I decided not to put my bank info?

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