Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Enroll COL with BDO Online Banking

I was able to get inside my BDO online banking by doing the 'Forgot Password' link. And I went through remembering the 2 secret questions, getting the 1-time password they sent to my Mobile, and changing it on the site.  

Whew!  (give myself a pat on the back!)  For me, that's an accomplishment ... coz I really hate going through all these hassles of just opening up a webpage.  (sigh!)  

But that's how much I love you!  (chos!)  For the sake of those who have been repeatedly asking me how, here goes:

(Look at the images then read the descriptions that follow). 

Go to BDO website.  Click on Online Banking Login.  You would only be able to do it if you're already enrolled in online banking.  If you're not, then whachadoin wastin' your time and readin' this blog for?  Go to the bank!  (Just kidding xoxoxoxo)  

You may ENROLL here.  

Type in your username and password.  Make sure your Mobile is just right beside you as it will prompt you to key in the 1-time password that they'd send.

Under Enrollment Services, click Company Biller, then Enroll.

Choose COL Financial Group, Inc. as the company.  

Put your own COL Account Number.  (Emphasis on the OWN Account Number!  Some people have asked me for COL's account number coz they wanted to deposit their initial investment.  It is important to know that you need to WAIT for COL's official email giving you your own Account number and instructing you to fund your account).  

Write your Subscriber name (e.g. Joint Account, Account for my Daughter, etc.)  Here, I am enrolling my youngest' COL account.  

Write your Preferred Nickname (optional).

 Done.  You will then get this confirmation. 

Now, to fund your account, here's what you do:

Under Financial Services, click Bill Payment then Pay Bills.

Choose COL Financial Group, Inc. (or if you have more than 1 COL account, choose which one).  You can actually schedule your payments.  See the choices on the bottom part (Immediately or Regular Scheduled Date)?  Choose which 1.  

Write the amount.  Hmmm, let's give my Jme 1M!  (wink!)

Put some remarks (optional). And click Submit.

Simple, huh?  Now, go ahead and enroll.  Make your life easier!

Thanks & God bless,

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  1. Hello joey, is it advisable to buy stocks at irregular times during d month.... or shouldn i transact on a fixed schedule?? I am sometimes lured to buy 3 different stocks on separate days whenever im graced w/ sufficient funds, im worried that this startegy may affect my portfolio.

    1. Hello ghettobug, buying stocks at irregular times is fine as long as you have extra cash and as long as you are sure that you will not need those cash in the next 3 to 5 years. What is important is that you invest on a regular basis and don't fall below your target minimum investment.

      The real concern here is if you are buying the stock at an attractive price or not (I am assuming that you are a long term investor). If you are buying the stock at a high price, then you might be in trouble.

      On the other hand, if you are using technical analysis, you buy the stock if the price is going up and sell it if the stock price is going down. This requires skills though because you need to identify the trend lines. You need to know how to analyze the chart.

      If you still have questions, please feel free to send me a message.

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