Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Cancel an Order

Yesterday, I showed you how to buy stocks.  And if you remember, our ALI (Ayala Land, Inc.) order was not executed because all the shares that were selling at the lowest ASK price of 26.30 were bought (1st come, 1st served basis).  

Bear in mind that COL prices updates every 15 seconds so if you're buying, you gotta do it fast.  That is, if you want immediate execution of your order. Because there's also what you call a Day Order where you're not that in a hurry to purchase your stocks.  (I'll discuss the different kinds of Order in a separate post).

Anyways, I wanted to purchase ALI pronto, so I immediately cancelled my previous order & bought ALI at .10 cents higher than my previous Bid (26.40).  (That's how fast its price increases that's why I didn't want to wait another second.  Today, ALI is selling at 27.50!)

So, let me show you how I cancelled that order.

Again, the way we'll do this is to look at the image first, then read the description that follows.  

Hover your cursor to 'Trade' and click 'View/Modify Order'.  It will show you  the order that's still open or has not been executed.  Click 'Cancel'.

Confirm cancellation by putting your password.  

That's it.  

Easy, huh?  Keep reading my posts and soon you'll 'feel' like a Pro, too.  Then, you can already show off your skills to friends and family.  (wink!)

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  1. is it free to cancel my order in COL?

  2. The same question i want to ask, please anyone who knows respond.

  3. The same question i want to ask, please anyone who knows respond.